Today, I completed making a Rails application, that is a class making, and joining website! I’m super excited about making this website, because at this point in my programming career, I sense that I can actually make valuable product, for the first time in my life. So let me tell you about my website.

My website has at least one has_many, at least one belongs_to, and at least two has_many :through relationships, as the requirements required. I also used reasonable validation in my models and otherwise. I utilized nested resources, and much more.

So what is my website? A user signs up, then logs in either manually or with Google, then is brought to their main page. At first, their main page just welcomes them. As they navigate the site, they can see there are multiple programs created by other user, that they can join, and then participate in any way the descriptions of the programs specify. They can also make a program themselves, with a title, description, category, and number of seats in the program/class. I look forward to deploying this website one day, I hope you’ll visit, thank you!

Ace Principal!