My First CLI Project!

I just completed the first stage of my software engineering coding bootcamp, which ended with a CLI project. I have completed my project, and would love to write about it now! It is a charity finding application.

The project either had to scrape data from a website, or utilize an API, and I chose to utilize an API. I found a wonderful free charity API on Github, which allowed my to search for names, topics, zip codes, and much more, right in the URL. I then chose a few categories that I determined would be common searches, and gave those options to the user of my application.

The link to the full demo is here:

After a user selects a category, I then prompted them to select one of the many returned charities in that category! Once they selected one based on its name, my application returned the name, website URL, and the donation page’s URL, and prompts the user to choose whether or not they’d like to see another charity, and if yes, it starts from the top!

Overall, I am proud that I have completed my first project. I am one step further along in my journey, and it feels good to be moving! Thanks for reading! Bye!