Task Management Website!

Alexander Petrov
2 min readDec 14, 2020


Hello again, today I completed my very first website build! It is a Ruby Sinatra website that utilizes models, views, and controllers. It is a task management website, and I’m super proud of it!

First I started by running Corneal, a gem that orients a MVC project in the right direction. I then built a welcome page, that welcomes users, and prompts them to either sign up, or log in. Once a user is logged in, I wanted to make sure that they could create tasks, edit tasks, view tasks, and delete tasks, so I built that in. Now, I have a fully fledged website that a user can utilize to manage their tasks, in a comprehensive way!

I got help along they way, as well. A cohort classmate of mine, in the Flatiron coding bootcamp I’m in, John, taught me a valuable lesson when I asked him for help. USE binding.pry WAY MORE! This is a valuable skill I learned, and will help me for the rest of my career, at least!

Additionally, as I continue to work on my project, I continue to learn new things. I ensured that all tasks made were now protected from other users editing or deleting them, and added more site navigation links to enhance a user’s experience. Doing these things, I further cemented and began to comprehend better, ActiveRecord, has-many, and belongs-to.

Specific things like: both types of relationships have a collections or association method inherited from ActiveRecord. A user can call @user.tasks and return an array of tasks as a collection, and a task can call @task.user and return the user object that is associated with that task. Additionally, my Task class, because of ActiveRecord receives another method: #=() which gives a Task instance the ability to, for example, assign a User instance directly. Similarly, a User can shovel in a Task instance with the inherited #<<() method, into a collection of all tasks associated with that User. Learning is fun!

Thank you, bye!