Why I got into Software Engineering!

Alexander Petrov
2 min readOct 21, 2020


Photo by Max Duzij on Unsplash

To put it simply: I got into software engineering because of GOD! No, not because of a floating man in the sky, I don’t even agree with the term ‘God,’ but to sum up the concept I’m about to present, the word works well enough!

Existence is incredible: It’s physically positive, It’s present, and It warps Time and Space. My capitalization is important, as I am employing an absolutist’s view. Existence, cannot cease to exist, therefore there is no negativity. Existence is this absolutely positive and present thing, that appears to behave according to a hierarchy. Why is this important to present? Because it illustrates the pretext for me deciding to pursue software engineering!

As many people will tell you, we are all God(Existence, as I’d say.), and a belief and trust in God assists one in achieving better results, generally. I aliken this concept of how God works, to how Existence works. Since Existence is this absolutely positive thing, according to me, then it is a cause to the effect that is more positivity. In other words: EVERYTHING GETS BETTER!

This is what has gotten me into software engineering. Following/trusting my instincts and intuition has guided me towards improving my life, which has led me to joining a coding bootcamp at Flatiron School to become a software engineer. This intuitive connection to the natural improvement of things(God, for others.), has led me to a career that will establish financial security to me, productive and valuable work for others, friendships, a healthy family, and much more. By following my qualitative compass, I have begun a journey similar to those that are the best in the world!

Thank you for reading, I wish you the best! :)